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Amber Communications Group, Inc. (ACGI) will consult with _______________ regarding the Marketing, Publicity and Promotion for " ___________ .


The goal is to gain the public's attention through generating news about your book.


With your Media, Bookstore and Library Lists, you can target hundreds of relevant Newspapers, TV stations, Radio stations, and Magazines, as well as Bookstores and Libraries and Web sites with a similar interest.  Your book will be placed on www.AMBERBOOKS.COM Plus and your press release will be featured on www.QUALITYPRESS.INFO  for one year.  Thus your press release will be available to the public and viewed worldwide long after the initial distribution date. In addition, ACGI will furnish you with any contact information we receive from interested parties. 


The estimated breakdowns for services are as follows:


PLAN 1 – 1 month

$350 (Flat Fee)

Initial Meeting / Consultation (via Phone)         



Provide Author/Publisher with a email & address list of

Bookstores, Libraries & Media.

Consult with Author on your website book set-up            


Link Author’s book from www.AMBERBOOKS.COM to author’s website

Provide Author with a FREE BOOK:  "African American Writers’ Guide to Successful Self-Publishing".


The marketing program as noted above will be actively in effect for one month as we build and develop your marketing plan.  If you wish to have ongoing monthly consultations and services, each month will be charged at $350 as needed for up to four months.  Beginning with the second month, we will continue with prescheduled phone meetings (if needed) and email conversations, which will be more flexible and primarily geared to answer your questions.   Thereafter, (fifth month and beyond) we can discuss and renegotiate terms, if needed. If you have any questions or additions, please contact me at 602-743-7211.


The initial $350 is due upon signing.  All payments will be invoiced by Amber Communications Group, Inc. and paid by credit card or through PayPal. 


By signing below, both parties acknowledge that we have read and understand the details of the Marketing, Publicity, Promotions Agreement and agree to its terms.




Tony Rose, Publisher/CEO,

Amber Communications Group, Inc.                                                  Author/Publisher            

Date: __________________  2015                                                    Date: 


Tony Rose, Publisher/CEO
Amber Communications Group, Inc.
1334 E. Chandler Blvd., Suite 5-D67
Phoenix, AZ 85048