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About the Author

Donald Russell Campbell


I have always enjoyed reading and walking; and I believe that it is critical to take care of yourself. At the age of seventy-four, I have never stayed in the hospital, had any broken bones, or any surgeries. I was a smoker like my dad, but I quit cold turkey about 15 years ago. I don’t eat many sweets and I don’t drink alcohol. Diabetes runs in my family and this I have to monitor as a type II Diabetic. I am slowing down just a little because I find that I am interested in writing additional books versus selling more real estate. 


In recent years people have asked about my life and I don’t know if it is because I have been around so long that people have asked. I find myself running my mouth and describing many things that I have decided to put in a book. Some people may find elements of humor, education, romance, guidance, and or historical value within my story. In any event I hope you benefit from reading my book and please enjoy life as best you can.








Chapter One. Louisiana Campbell Family

Chapter Two. Daddy Dies/Sudden Move to Phoenix

Chapter Three. Mom and Grandma Are Now Gone

Chapter Four. Achieve During Tough Times

Chapter Five. Matthew Henson Projects and Elementary School

Chapter Six. Phoenix Boys Club

Chapter Seven. Don, The Movie Star

Chapter Eight. California Day Dreaming/Football, Track and Field

Chapter Nine. Coping With Change, Back To Phoenix

Chapter Ten. A Sense of Humor

Chapter Eleven. Stuck In The Toilet

Chapter Twelve. Daddy You Lied

Chapter Thirteen. On Our Own

Chapter Fourteen. Be “Something”

Chapter Fifteen. Doris Elizabeth Holsey- Campbell

Chapter Sixteen. My Boys, Love Dad

Chapter Seventeen. Family Fun

Chapter Eighteen. Travel The World

Chapter Nineteen. Family and Friends

Chapter Twenty. Treasures



Pledge of Success “Today is a new day, a new beginning. It has been given to me as a new gift. I can either use it or throw it away. What I do today will affect me tomorrow. I can not blame anyone but myself if I do not succeed. I promise to use this day to the fullest by giving my best, realizing it can never come back again. This is my life and I choose to make it a success.”

 -Author Unknown


 I appreciate my wife Doris finding the expression titled: “Pledge of Success” by an unknown author to be listed in this book. It appropriately describes my belief that no matter how tough life gets, we must keep moving and never give up on our goals. Life is full of struggles to overcome; otherwise some people just exist in fear and remain afraid to fight beyond mere survival. Hence the introduction of my book titled, Tough Life? So What! Move Beyond Struggle.




Now in my mid seventies I have experienced and thankfully overcome many of life’s struggles including coping with the loss of loved ones, surviving hunger and poverty. I have gained an education; become a husband and father along with achieving military and business success. Tough Life? So What! Move Beyond Struggle was written to inspire and motivate those of all ages who doubt their inner strength in the midst of facing life’s continuous challenges. Making wrong choices certainly presents difficult consequences including possible incarceration. Choosing wisely often requires us to make sacrifices and requires us to be disciplined and responsible. Learning to love ourselves may be the most difficult task during tough times but something we must remember to do while stretching and utilizing our brain to its fullest capacity. Education provides an avenue to move past adversity and enjoy many victories.

-Donald Russell Campbell